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This is a unique concept and for the first time an event with this concept has taken place in Assam. This appealed to me. Additionally, I have always been very keen about the events related to children, especially preschoolers. Therefore, when I was approached for this event, I agreed. All of the participants have worked really hard on their presentation and have come up with creative concepts. The one which appealed to me the most was with “The Make in India” theme. I love the name itself of “Tender Petals”. Apart from education, they are trying to instill confidence in the kids through a creative and entertaining contest.

Kopil Bora

Assamese Cinestar

All the attires were expressions of the individuals. A lot of them were in the different traditional clothing. There was a lady along with her daughter wearing Mekhela Chador and a head gear, and a father with his child wearing Social media icons and spreading the message of the importance of giving more time to the children, etc. were very innovative. This event is an encouragement for the children as well as parents. I have already worked on the collections for children about fifteen years ago; however, being inspired from his event, I’m also planning to create a collection for the duo: parent-child.

Meghna Rai Medhi

Fashion Designer

Women, especially the married ones, need to come out of the boundaries and experience the platforms that can take them to a new milestone. After getting married, we women tend to take a back seat when while considering the family’s happiness and own’s. But I’m equally thrilled and happy to see that a lot of mothers have actually participated along with their child and come out to the stage. This is the amazing part of this event. “Tender Petals” is doing a good job. This Creative Dressing Content has a unique concept lining it, i.e. having a parent also a participating partner with the child. All of them have unique attire. I’m happy to be a part of the panel of judges.

Roshni Hassan

Mrs. India Earth 2016 2nd Runner Up

“Tender Petals” renders the first step towards education. This is a great initiative to build the bond between parents and children. I have been working on the segment of vocational training being a part of Sunshine Academy, and have collaborated with various segments of the society to promote vocational training. Vasavi Acharya, the Founder of Tender Petals, is quite versatile and works her heart out to make everyone focus on the early childhood developmental activities, and this event evolved from this concept. Since, our wavelength matched, I joined hands with her for this event, and I’m glad for this. I really admire the spirit with which all the contestants, including the parents have come forward with. All of them are very graceful and creative. I really liked one contestant wherein the father was dressed like a bride’s father with the daughter as a bride.

Juri Saikia

Director, Sunshine Academy of Makeup & Styling

This school is like a second home for my child. All the teachers here are very pro-active in handling all the students together. Whenever I visit the school, I see each child participating in some or the other every extra-curricular activity. I really appreciate Tender Petals for all the efforts they have taken to bring up my child. I will recommend this school to each parent for their child.

Manjit Daga

Businessman, Tezpur

My daughter Geeta is a student of Tender Petals and she joined the school when she was 2.5 years old. I am very impressed by the school’s staff. They handle children with so much care and also provide good quality education. Students are involved in extracurricular activities like drawing, singing, dancing and other social activities. I am glad that I have admitted my child in Tender Petals.

Pankaj Bucha

Businessman, Tezpur

It is a great pleasure to be a part of Tender Petals, because along with academics the school also focuses on culture and ethics. The teachers here are very good and our daughter loves to attend school. We would definitely like to recommend Tender Petals to our friends and family for their children.

Saurav Saikia

Lab Techinician, Jorhat

It feels very good to be a part of the Tender Petals family. The faculty here is very good and has helped my son learn a lot of new things. The teaching materials used here are really good and have helped my child become a more confident in his studies.

Hanash Jyoti Gogoi

Businessman, Jorhat

We opted for Tender Petals for our daughter Indrakshi, in spite of it being a new venture at Tezpur, because the organizational setup, the curriculum, the activities and the school staff gave us the much needed confidence to place our kid in the outside world for the first time. The progress of our child is tremendous. She has developed in her academics, creativity, sports, as well as her social and emotional behavior. The school staff is outstanding. The method of teaching the academic course as well as values to the children is really worth appreciating. We would definitely recommend Tender Petals to all parents.

Mithun Dutta


I chose Tender Petals as I was sure that the school will be good for my child’s all round development. After attending this school, I see a lot of improvement in my child in terms of studies, discipline, sincerity, talent and knowledge. The school is good in every way and we feel quiet lucky, and feel that it will be instrumental in ensuring a bright future for our child.

Mr. Budhin

Ex-Serviceman, Jorhat

It is my immense pleasure to quote a few lines of my journey with Tender Petals. Before visiting Tender Petals I had visited a couple of other schools for my daughter. The moment I stepped here, I decided that she has to join this school. The efforts put by the teachers as well as the staff could be easily recognized in every corner of the school. The best part of the school is the love and support the team shows to young children. The day-to-day activities in the school has helped mould my daughter’s character and instilled in her a lot of good habits. With the unique teaching pattern and the tools used by the team, my daughter shows a great deal of progress.

Pinky Bhowal

Centre Incharge, Third Eye College, Tezpur

Tender Petals has been highly instrumental in the physical, mental and academic development of our child. We have seen progress in our child in terms of retention and interest in extra-curricular activities such as drawing, painting and recitation. We really appreciate the school staff for the kind of effort they put in taking care of the children. We always recommend Tender Petals to other parents.

Manoranjan Tamuli


We enrolled our child in Tender Petals as it is centrally located and is close to our school. After attending school, our child has shown huge improvement in academics. The school staff is very cooperative and efficient.

Premjyoti Khound


My son Rajbir was enrolled in Tender Petals on January 2014. My second child Roodrakshee soon followed, in May 2014. I am happy with the progress of my children. Before joining the school, I used to have a tough time with my son, as he was not very interested in studies. I am especially grateful to Miss Manila, facilitator, as due to her hard work and care, Rajbir has now started taking interest in his studies. I also appreciate the home-like atmosphere provided by the school for their students. Moreover, the importance given to all the festivals and the culture of our country has had a very good impact on my children. I sincerely thank the team of Tender Petals for their efforts in moulding my children and I would surely recommend Tender Petals to other parents.

Liza Talukdar

Housewife, Tezpur

We decided to put our child in Tender Petals, because their teaching method is different from other schools. We feel very proud that our child is a part of Tender Petals school because she has gained a lot of knowledge since she joined. The teaching methods adopted by the school are very helpful and have helped in developing her overall personality and intelligence. We would definitely recommend Tender Petals to other parents and would be really glad if the school is expanded to higher classes as well.

Nirmala Sinha

Housewife, Jorhat

I chose Tender Petals for my child as it is centrally located and is close to my house. The infrastructure of the school is very good. After joining this school, I have seen a lot of positive changes in my child. Her vocabulary has improved and has become much more confident. I really appreciate the hard work put in by the staff members in taking such good care of all the students and have recommended Tender Petals to a lot of my colleagues

Dipankar Saikia

Senior Assistant, Medical Institute of Jorhat

We chose Tender Petals as the school is situated very close to our house. After joining this school, our child has gained a lot of new knowledge, and he has become independent in his studies. The teaching methodology of the school is very good and we feel very grateful to all the teachers.

Nipen Sharma

Businessman, Jorhat

We chose to enroll our child in Tender Petals, as we feel that early childhood education is very important for the development of the child. After joining the school, we have seen a lot of positive changes in our child’s behavior as well as overall personality. The school has had a very positive impact on his physical and mental development. We really like the interactive sessions done by the schools for the parents

Shri Ratul Kumar Dutta

Government Employee

Bye!! It's never an easy task to say adieu...but life is like that and one has to move... The day 20th March 2016, when I landed at Guwahati leaving behind my hometown Kolkata, my family, my friends behind, I felt like crying my heart out...I never thought that I will be in love with this place so much that today when I am leaving this place I am feeling the same way as I felt a year back, when leaving Kolkata. I was so worried for Abhigyan and thought how he will adjust with this new place, new school, new friends, new atmosphere... "Tender Petals" the school has changed my thought process. Abhigyan who was not expressive at all a year back, is now a different boy altogether...I really want to thank the teachers from the bottom of my heart...Vasavi Ma'am, Noor ma'am, Chumki ma'am and Pronami ma'am. The events organised by the school are the cherries on top.... Colour Weaver's, Pool Splash at school, Picnic, Celebrations including Bihu celebration, Mother's day celebration, Saraswati Puja to name a few. Being a parent I have thoroughly enjoyed this one year journey with Tender Petals. I will really miss you all and so will Abhigyan. He will definitely miss his school, his friends, his teachers and his 'Swing' a lot...I haven't made too many friends here but the memories created are the special ones, those I will cherish lifelong. So many words are left unspoken, so many things left undone, but I am sure you all will remember us for good reasons. All the best to all of you for your future endeavors and God bless you all.

Doyeli Dasgupta

Homemaker, Guwahati

I just want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Purabi ma'am, Namita ma'am, Puja ma'am and Usha ma'am, of Tender Petals, Azara Centre, Guwahati, for taking care of my child and making school, a home away from home. He loves school from the day one and enjoys every bit of it. He doesn't share much about what he does at school, but I know that he looks forward to the next day at school. It is all because of the love, care, the activities and teachings that makes him a happy child. Thank you teachers for all your guidance. Thanks to the caretakers Bharati and Sumi di for everything.

Ms Bikalpa Das Amarnath

Educator, Sarla Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati

My child turned two and I got worried about the right kind of play school, where he not only has an access to meet peers but also has an edge to holistic development. My elder one was in Tender Petals, Zoo Narengi and then it was an easy choice for us to put the younger one in the same school which we were already exposed to the curriculum and extracurricular activities. My biggest fear was my child’s inability to speak a particular language and through the center head Noor Nahar ma'am and continuous effort of the teachers and the non teaching staff, they finally analyzed that my child’s exposure to multiple languages have confused him to pick one for conversation. The conducive environment and scientifically appropriate devices and toys used for teaching makes the school even more interesting and learning all the more fun. The best part of the day is when we see a happy child running to the secured arms of the school and a happy child willing to go back to school makes us pragmatic about our decision in choosing the right institution for him.

Ms Sanjukta Dutta

Entrepreneur and Food Enthusiast, Parent, Tender Petals, Zoo Narengi Road Centre, Guwahati

School is the first place for every parent to leave their child, away from home for the first time. It was the same for our child too. The first three days, our daughter cried a little, after we left her in school. But gradually she started waking up herself early in the morning and loved to wear her school uniform. She would be very excited to go to school everyday. Even on Saturday and Sunday she wants to go to school. This proves that all the facilitators and caretakers of the school are really loving and caring. They have the qualities of a mother which motivates children to attend school regularly. So, I want to convey my heartfeltl gratitude to the incharge Mrs. Suchandra Nag ma'am, with whom I feel free to communicate at anytime if the day, all the facilitators Sandhya Ma'am, Ekta Ma'am and Suparna Ma'am for all their love, support and guidance. Thank you to all who encouraged my daughter to do new things everyday and for helping her to explore the world new to her. It is only because of their regular school activities that my daughter have developed a lot, which we as a parent can see clearly. Last but not the least, I would like to thank the caretakers Foolmati di and Saraswati di who have taken utmost care of my daughter, as well as the other children without any hesitation. I would like to conclude saying that when my daughter is at school, I never feel like she is away from our homely atmosphere. I feel blessed to be a part of Tender Petals.

Ms Bonti Rekha Baishya

Parent Tender Petals, Rehabari Centre, Guwahati

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As a mother of two and a homemaker, I wanted to do something on my own and what better than the noble profession of education. I relate myself to the field of education as I have earlier worked as an educator in schools in Agra, U.P. and Jorhat, Assam. I always thought of running my own pre-school and in this context I approached Mrs. Vasavi Acharya, Managing Director, Inner Foundation Pvt. Ltd. the parent company of the pre-school brand Tender Petals. She and her staff helped me to understand the various intricacies involved in opening and running a new school. After fulfilling the formalities, the Company conducted a special training for me as Centre Head and also for my teaching staff/ facilitators. The intensive Tender Petals training programme conducted by their staff, helped us to get an insight into - how to administer a pre-school, deal with toddlers, understand child psychology, classroom management and especially how to motivate them to learn and remain happy learners throughout their lives. They also helped us in understanding the psychology of parents. The thing which I liked the most about the Company, is their commitment towards providing quality education and their never say NO attitude, whenever I approached them with any problem. I really appreciate the 24X7 backup we get from them. Till now the experience with IIFPL is indeed fruitful and has helped me achieve my goal.

Lavita Bordoloi Bhatia

Franchisee, Borbheta Centre, Jorhat

Establishment year -2014

Tender Petals is a journey undertaken by me in the year 2013. It happened to me like a miracle and there has been no looking back ever since I embraced it. It gives me immense pleasure to be a proud member of this flourishing family. It has guided me to a new realm which heralds hopes, marked by sincere effort and dedication. After I started the Tender Petals venture, I have created a niche for myself in the society and on a personal level I have learnt many things such as patience, perseverance, integrity and diligence. After my association with Tender Petals, I have gained a broad vision about the psychology of children and understand and their needs much better. I have received wonderful response from the parents of Tezpur, and I feel honored to be a part of Tender Petals. I envision Tender Petals to reach soaring heights of fame with its fruitful service in moulding tiny souls entrusted upon it.

Sangeeta Bose

Centre Head/Franchisee, Tezpur

Establishment year -2013

I, Janita Marbaniang gladly share that our MD Tender Petals Ms. Vasavi Acharya is naturally blessed with leadership quality. Though being at an initial stage, as my centre is only a few months old, we have strong faith & confidence on our upcoming achievements and progress, under her guidance. Her training are based on child psychology, facilitator psychology marketing, academic lesson plans, campaigning, outdoor events and so on which we highly appreciated as we visualise a strong growth in future with all knowledgeable information & understanding the skills on how to work on the development of a child during her/her early childhood years. I am happy to be a part of the Tender Petals family.

Janita Marbaniang

Franchisee, Nongpoh Centre, Meghalaya

Establishment year -2017

I have been working in different preschool chains since 2001. Finally, I landed up as a teacher in a Tender Petals center. I received a lot of opportunities to explore and learn throughout my working period at Tender Petals. Tender Petals had a very unique perspective towards learning i.e. learning through play. It was not a typical academic setup, rather it was an environment that nurtured the children and aided them in learning. Therefore, I chose to take up a franchisee of Tender Petals Preschool. I got married and moved to this extremely new and unknown city of Guwahati from my hometown Coimbatore. Neither did I know many people nor did I know the language. I joined my aunt's preschool to interact with the children and learn the local language. Along the process, I realized that I had a passion for teaching and thereby continued my teaching career for the next 12 years. It was just a random thought of opening a preschool of my own. My husband and entire family were supportive because of whom I am a successful entrepreneur today. Even though it wasn’t one of my dreams, it ended well for me.I did not know anything about how it was to be an entrepreneur. My only driving factor toward opening this school was my passion for teaching and my love for children. Therefore, everything throughout the process was very new for me. Finding the correct location, gathering the financial aid for it, setting up the entire center, advertising, marketing, etc. was very challenging for me and I was discovering different things at each step. Various people guided me and helped me throughout and I am grateful to them. Starting a preschool involves a lot of hard work and devotion. It is the most crucial developmental stage of a child and a preschool is responsible to nurture them in the right way. One planning to start a preschool should be ready to devote their time and energy to it and take responsibility on their shoulders. One should have patience while the center grows slowly and steadily until it becomes a well-known and established center.

Shanti Mahesh

Franchisee, V.I.P Road Centre, Guwahati

Establishment year -2017

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