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Tender Petals has a unique Pre School concept : Inspired by some renowned Educationists and Psychologists, who we refer to, as Our 7 PILLARS.

The methodology involves 'nurturing through love'. The curriculum is based on play way method of learning, enabling the child to grow in his/her individual pace, yet ushering and motivating him/her to be involved and gradually absorb.

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basic skills

for holistic development.

Our 5 WINGS are the five skill areas for holistic development.

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  • Language - To develop the Writing, Speaking, Listening, Phonetics, Grammar and Vocabulary skills of the child. To encourage and enable self-expression and enhance the child's expressive language ability.

  • Cognitive - To enable the child to solve math problems and to understand the concepts oral/written.

  • Sensomotor - To encourage the child to take part in Gross Motor activities and Fine Motor activities.

  • Creativity - To nurture and develop the creativity in each child through activities like Music, Recitation, Art and Role-Play.

  • Personality - To enable the child to go forth in freedom with excellent inter-personal skills (interactive skills) and social values. To develop life skills of the child, thus, enabling him/her to be independent.