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inception of tender petals

Tender Petals preschool is a venture of Inner I Foundation Pvt. Ltd. (IIFPL), a company incorporated with the VISION - to spread the Light of Knowledge through quality education. It endeavours to bring a NEW AGE in education, for GEN Today and GEN Next.
Its Mission is to touch the lives of millions through its programmes.
Tender petals, is a pre-school chain with the Mission ~to provide value creating holistic education based on a multi-disciplinary approach. The objective is to create happy learners who are ready to explore and evolve during this unique journey. It has its centres in North- East India and is gradually spreading its wings at pan India level.
From the humble beginning made in 2013, having crossed many measurable milestones, IIFPL has become a noted name in the domain of early childhood education: preschool, research and development, training and workshops. Today it is considered as one of the leading companies, bringing about a revolution in the domain of early childhood education and beyond.
IIFPL have branched into various components Tender Petals preschool, being one of the most integral. The others include Tender Day Care: a long day care centre for children, Dream catchers: a platform for children aged 7- 13 years, where they undergo different creative workshops on book reading, storytelling, creative writing, quizzing etc. Study comb: tutorial class for children who want some extra boost in academics, Early childhood Educators Training Course: for educators and aspiring educators,    In lines: handwriting course for children and grownups.
Mrs. Vasavi Acharya Bora presently holding the post of Managing Director of Inner i Foundation Pvt. Ltd. (IIFPL) the parent Company of the Assam based pre-school brand Tender Petals, had initially set up her own pre- school, named Sishubon Preparatory School.
In the year 2001, after her return from Delhi, she established Sishubon, with the sole aim of providing quality education to children, in their formative years. Sishubon Preparatory school soon grew up to be school of repute in Guwahati. In 2008, she planned an expansion and set up another centre which soon became a sought after pre-school.
After all these years of association with children, she had found that a pre- school needed much more than a regular syllabus, to nurture the little ones. Thus, she decided to launch a pre-school brand, with a strong belief that ~we can nurture and create beautiful individuals, if we have the Vision, Intention, Perseverance and Enthusiasm towards our Mission. With this belief: Inner i Foundation (IIFPL) was incorporated in Jan 2013.


To nurture the individual potential and uniqueness in every child, through Love and Initiation.


A value creating humanistic education, where every child is a happy learner, who is ready to explore and evolve during this unique journey.
Our curriculum is designed in such a manner, that every child can explore and discover and in the process put their first step forward... into the life long journey called 'Learning'.
We believe that each child needs individual attention and care at this tender age and so we provide a comfortable student facilitator ratio.
Maintenance of hygiene is of prime importance to us. We also provide pick-up and drop facility. Every child needs play for self expression and so we have a fully developed gross motor area. We have a highly motivated group of facilitators, specially trained to implement our curriculum to the best.


  • Multimedia Audio / Visual.
  • Well ventilated and hygienic classrooms.
  • Playground.
  • Child friendly furniture and sitting arrangements.
  • Outdoor Play station.
  • Teaching apparatus.
  • Adequate facilitator student ratio.
  • Trained Facilitators.
  • Trained Caretakers.
  • Pick up and drop facilities.


Tender Petals is a 'Skill Knowledge Partner' of Tata Institute of Social Sciences for their B.Voc courses in early child development, child protection and child rights. Many students of TISS Guwahati have interned with Tender Petals and have also joined Tender Petals centres as facilitators.

TENDER PETALS is also a KNOWLEDGE PARTNER of Early Childhood Development Forum an NGO that endeavours to work towards empowering children from all stratas of the society and create a bonhomous environment for children in their early childhood years, so that they grow up to be sensible, happy and confident individuals. Early Child Development Forum family believes that it can be done only, if the stakeholders work in sync towards this goal.

Tender Petals is associated with Child Education and Development Research Centre (CEDRC). CEDRC which is the Research Wing of ECDF, with the goal to conduct research on various aspects related to child education and development from birth to fourteen years age group. CEDRC team has undertaken research projects on important subjects and is dedicatedly working on them.