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Tender Petals: ADVANTAGES

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  • #Zero Royalty Model
  • #Marketing & Branding support at all times.
  • Centre Setup and #Launch Assistance
  • Marketing #Support
  • Age Appropriate #Curriculum
  • Extensive Teacher#Training
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As a mother of two and a homemaker, I wanted to do something on my own and what better than the noble profession of education. I relate myself to the field of education as I have earlier worked as an educator in schools in Agra, U.P. and Jorhat, Assam. I always thought of running my own pre-school and in this context I approached Mrs. Vasavi Acharya, Managing Director, Inner Foundation Pvt. Ltd. the parent company of the pre-school brand Tender Petals. She and her staff helped me to understand the various intricacies involved in opening and running a new school. After fulfilling the formalities, the Company conducted a special training for me as Centre Head and also for my teaching staff/ facilitators. The intensive Tender Petals training programme conducted by their staff, helped us to get an insight into - how to administer a pre-school, deal with toddlers, understand child psychology, classroom management and especially how to motivate them to learn and remain happy learners throughout their lives. They also helped us in understanding the psychology of parents. The thing which I liked the most about the Company, is their commitment towards providing quality education and their never say NO attitude, whenever I approached them with any problem. I really appreciate the 24X7 backup we get from them. Till now the experience with IIFPL is indeed fruitful and has helped me achieve my goal.

Lavita Bordoloi Bhatia

Franchisee, Borbheta Centre, Jorhat

Establishment year -2014

Tender Petals is a journey undertaken by me in the year 2013. It happened to me like a miracle and there has been no looking back ever since I embraced it. It gives me immense pleasure to be a proud member of this flourishing family. It has guided me to a new realm which heralds hopes, marked by sincere effort and dedication. After I started the Tender Petals venture, I have created a niche for myself in the society and on a personal level I have learnt many things such as patience, perseverance, integrity and diligence. After my association with Tender Petals, I have gained a broad vision about the psychology of children and understand and their needs much better. I have received wonderful response from the parents of Tezpur, and I feel honored to be a part of Tender Petals. I envision Tender Petals to reach soaring heights of fame with its fruitful service in moulding tiny souls entrusted upon it.

Sangeeta Bose

Centre Head/Franchisee, Tezpur

Establishment year -2013

I, Janita Marbaniang gladly share that our MD Tender Petals Ms. Vasavi Acharya is naturally blessed with leadership quality. Though being at an initial stage, as my centre is only a few months old, we have strong faith & confidence on our upcoming achievements and progress, under her guidance. Her training are based on child psychology, facilitator psychology marketing, academic lesson plans, campaigning, outdoor events and so on which we highly appreciated as we visualise a strong growth in future with all knowledgeable information & understanding the skills on how to work on the development of a child during her/her early childhood years. I am happy to be a part of the Tender Petals family.

Janita Marbaniang

Franchisee, Nongpoh Centre, Meghalaya

Establishment year -2017

I, Shanti Mahesh franchisee of Tender Petals, VIP Road centre is successful in running this centre with great help of founder and Managing Director, IIFPL, Mrs. Vasavi Acharya. The curriculum and activities provided by Tender Petals is really very creative. All the events, campaigns and programs are properly organised and well-managed. This helps us to gain new perspective and to think more innovatively. The marketing ideas provided quarterly are very useful for the development of our centres. The training programs held are very informative which helps us to deal with parents, facilitators as well as students. Festivals and theme based activities are very useful for the children to know the importance and understand of our culture and to be united in diversity. I have learnt a lot and gained experience with the company. It has been a wonderful journey with Tender Petals and I hope it will continue for long.

Shanti Mahesh

Franchisee, V.I.P Road Centre, Guwahati

Establishment year -2017


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