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Demystifying the crucial period of parenting

Authored by Vasavvi
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About The Book

each child is born with a unique potential and can bloom to become an enchanting individual, if nurtured in the right manner, from the time of birth through the early childhood years.

The first 5 years of a child’s life are extremely crucial as the brain develops most during these years and is critical in shaping the child’s brain architecture.

A child’s personality is largely shaped by the

  • family influences
  • social environment and
  • conditioning in these early childhood years

In order to raise a confident and competent child, who is full of self-belief, parents need to nurture this journey with utmost care. This handbook is a guide for young parents and also for expectant parents, who desire to know more about rearing children in the most nurturing manner.


By putting together this very useful Handbook Vasavvi has used her extensive experience and training to show young parents how exactly to build an enabling environment to ensure that their child grows into a healthy happy individual.

Preeti Gill

freelance publishing consultant

A book of this kind, written by an experienced and empathetic educator for this crucial age group, has been a felt need. New parents, both of whom often work outside the home, frequently need the reassurance of a professional to steer them through the complex though joyous activity of parenting. Without the comforting presence of elders in their nuclear families, with both parents often working outside the house, it helps immensely to have a book of this kind at hand to understand the psychological and physiological aspects of their growing toddler, and be guided on how best to handle the inevitable challenges. Peppered with interesting anecdotes, this book. “The First 5 Years” lays out in simple language the various stages of development, physical, mental and emotional, in a child to the age of about five, and how to best deal with them in a nurturing way. This is a valuable addition to the writings on child development, from a qualified person working in the field herself.

Mitra Phukan

Author, Columnist, The Assam Tribune

Vasavvi's Enchiridion, "The First 5 Years" is a quintessential for all young parents, expectant parents and for those who want to know more about the early childhood years. She explains it brilliantly.

Dr. Harbeen Arora

Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF)

With today’s children frightfully well versed with words like tension, nervous, depression, revenge, miss you,... as early as 4 or 5 years old, it is required of the parents to read their kids rightly and guide them properly. That’s what this book ‘The First 5 Years’ does. It helps parents to get into the heads and minds of their kids and steer them effortlessly.

Yuvaraja Dhayanithi

Author of Children's Novel "Merjella", based in Chennai

Whenever Vasavvi gives me an invite to her school, I go to her functions and am amazed at the way she puts up her shows with the children. She brings out the best in the children under her care which shows she understands their little minds. Given the freedom and the right way of handling them, the tiny tots could grow up into adults with positive attitude towards life. However, she alone cannot ingrain constructive and positive attitude in the children. The parents can play a vital role. In today's complex world the young parents ought to know how to bring up their little ones and not to push them into unhealthy competitions or plant negative vibes in their tender minds. This book, The First 5 Years, I believe, would go a long way in helping young parents and facilitators to know what is good for the children thereby bringing out the best in them.

Dr. Srutimala Duara

Author, Professor (Eng. Dept), Handique Girls’ College, Guwahati

Peppered with relevant examples, cases in point and practical suggestions, Vasavvi Acharya Bora successfully creates a judicious combination of the science and the art of raising a child from its birth up to the age of 5 – that crucial period which is the most formative age in its life. Written in eloquent, easy-to-understand English, The First 5 Years is a must read for all parents, expectant parents and teachers who need to mandatorily understand their children better and give them the best scope to cope with life within their affordable means given the complexities of modern life and society.

Swapnil Bharali

Editor G Plus, Tabloid

The delicate realm of ‘child pedagogy’, is a challenging area for educationalists, child psychologists, Montessori-trained teachers, et al. It is here that the ‘right chords must be struck’ so that their harmonious fusion would bring out the desired results. Vasavvi Acharya Bora, who brings along with her 17 fruitful and momentous years of association with children, more specifically the ‘pre-school’ children up to the age of 5 years, has come out with a brilliant and well-researched treatise on the subtle nuances of preschool dynamics as well as its corollary trials and tribulations. The book carefully deconstructs preschool education – identifying and evaluating the themes and forms of discourse that have hitherto dominated the field, leading to the construction of specific theories and forms of practice that preschool going children, parents and educators mostly encounter. The book has made a sincere effort to include the topics which will help parents and guardians of preschoolers to understand its functioning in a straightforward and unconventional manner.

Md.Sabah Al-Ahmed

Columnist, The Assam Tribune Educator of English & Social Sciences, Don Bosco School, Guwahati

As a 21st century early childhood educator, Vasavvi by rightly recognising that early years shape what kind of people we are and will become has written a very comprehensive book for educating this very important group of minds. Her book has something for parents, new teachers, seasoned veterans and anyone who is interested in delving deeper into the field of early childhood. Dispelling many myths and tackling critical schooling options and controversies, ‘The First 5 Years’ is a key book for parents to learn about the kind of education their children really need and what they can do to make sure they get it.

Dr Sriparna B Baruah

Head (Centre for Industrial Extension), Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship



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